Spencer R. Figures
P.O. BOX 22706
JACKSON, MS. 39225


My name is Spencer R. Figures, President & CEO, of Figures Enterprises LLC. Commander/Chief Firearms Instructor of Figures Firearms Academy. We have Certified Law Enforcement , Military, and Civilian Instructors on staff. Whatever your need, give us a call.

We  are dedicated to serving our customer’s needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service.

Our current courses include:

NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation
NRA First Steps Shotgun Orientation
NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course
NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course
NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
Advanced Shooting Course
Advanced Shotgun Course
Law Enforcement Refresher Course
Concealed Carry Courses

Please visit our website above for more details.