Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWCL)

Being a law abiding Georgia gun owner carries with it great responsibilities, and being competent in your abilities with a firearm is paramount to success. Owning a firearm in and of itself does not make you or your family safe. Having the proper firearms training and the ability to make the correct decisions is all part of your GWCL training experience.

Please note that the State of Georgia does not require firearms training to be eligible for your GWCL however, we strongly recommend that you take a firearms training course if you are new to the shooting sports.

Georgia Firearms Instructors

Georgia firearms  instructors may teach basic firearms training or tactical firearms training. A proper gun training course may involve personal firearms training tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Georgia Gun Ranges

There are many Georgia gun ranges that have certified firearms instructors on staff and they offer a variety of firearms courses from pistol training to carbine training.

Georgia Handgun Safety Training

The State of Georgia does not require that you receive handgun safety training before they will issue your concealed carry permit, gun license, or GWCL permit. Georgia is a shall issue state.


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Always On Point LLC

Eagle Gun Range

Stone Mountain Firearms Training Services, LLC