Oklahoma Gun Trust Attorneys

Oklahoma gun trust attorneys can help you create your totally legal Oklahoma NFA trust. A trust can provide you with the protections as outlined in the National Firearms Act giving you the ability to own and possess Class 3 Weapons.

Sometimes referred to as a NFA trust, ATF Trust,Class 3 trust, SBR Trust or Title 2 trust this legal instrument makes it possible to own and make NFA items in all states where such items are legal.

NFA Trust Lawyers

Attorney drafted trust can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your Oklahoma gun trust has been prepared by a licensed legal professional in your state.

NFA Firearms

NFA firearms include fully automatic firearms, short barrel shotguns, and short barrel rifles. Other NFA items may be sound suppressors, destructive devices or weapons known as AOW (any other weapon).

Set Up A Trust

Contact any of the attorneys listed to learn more about how to set up a trust !


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