A Calculated Response, LLC

A Calculated Response LLC

3983 E. Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(888) 205-6064

Classes held by appointment at your home, office, or at our classroom.

Nevada and Utah CCW classes.
Basic firearms safety and “how to select a gun” class. (Available by appointment or once a month free class at our facility. Check the website for date and time.)

NRA Basic and RSO Classes

NRA Instructor and CRSO Classes

Personalized gun manipulation and marksmanship improvement classes.

SABRE Defense pepper spray classes.

Sign up for firearms classes by visiting our website www.acalculatedresponse.com , email to info@acalculatedresponse.com or call us today at (888) 205-6064 or 702-818-0787.

Our Instructors at A Calculated Response LLC hold the following combined qualifications:  

NRA Instructor, NRA Training Counselor, NRA Law Enforcement Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer,

Nevada PILB Instructor, Nevada and Utah CCW Instructor, SABRE Defense pepper spray Instructor, Glock/AR-15/AKM/AK-47 Armorer.