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A large amount of money is spent on an annual basis by law firms who wish to rank high in the major search engines. With some PPC ( Pay Per Click ) cost running as high as $15.00 per click you will soon see your annual advertising budget dwindled down to $0.00 with little or no return on your  investment.


Marketing can cost more than money, it cost time. Delegating your marketing to an outside agency is a great idea if you have plenty of time to spend overseeing their efforts.


At GunRightsAttorneys we believe that you know your firm better than anyone else. That is why we only offer a yearly marketing rate and allow you the ability to supply your own listing information. Will we write your listing for you ? Sure, we use information found on your existing site to create a brief biography about your firm and also allow you to preview and approve it. Your also welcome to make changes in the copy using your own words.


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