Al Lind, Gunmaker

Al Lind
P.O. Box 97268
Tacoma, WA 98497
Member American Custom Gunmakers Guild

While I am primarily a stockmaker and prefer to devote my time and effort to this aspect of gunmaking, I am also a competent metalsmith and will either find a top grade metal smith to do any necessary work, or will do the work myself. In any case, as a gunmaker I will oversee all aspects of the completed project to ensure that everything is properly done and that it all molds together. I keep a number of high quality blanks on hand for use on my client’s guns. I will also work with the client’s blank if it is suitable. Circassian walnut is of course, the wood of choice in any fine rifle or shotgun as it is harder, finer and smaller pored, works and checkers better, is frequently lighter and more stable than any other wood. It is, however, becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, particularly in the higher grades. I firmly believe, however, that a fine rifle or shotgun deserves a fine piece of wood and it just doesn’t make sense to skimp in this area.