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Alabama Gunsmiths – Gunsmiths In Alabama


Alabama gunsmiths have the capabilities to make factory authorized repairs in a fashion that is to industry standards. They may make alterations or modifications to your firearm that an armorer is not normally capable of doing.

Licensed Gunsmith In Alabama

A qualified licensed Alabama gunsmith will be an Alabama FFL holder and will be skilled in various trades such as ballistics, engraving, and have a working knowledge tools and processes that many machinists use. They may even be a great source for a referral to a firearms instructor in your area.

Today’s AL gunsmiths may offer various services such as parkerizing, applying cerakoat coatings, engraving, or even something as extreme as changing the caliber of your firearm or building you a custom firearm that meets your specifications and needs.

How To Find The Best Gunsmith In Alabama

First and foremost ask your friends, family and those people that may be in any shooting organizations that you belong to. If you are a member of a large Alabama gun trust then ask other members of the trust. Another option is to join online forums and ask for recommendations of qualified Alabama gunsmiths in your local area.

Alabama Gun Repair Services

Services offered may vary from shop to shop but some of the more common gun repairs may be:

  • Engraving firearms
  • Installing factory replacement parts
  • Checking for improper head-space
  • Replacing your firing pin
  • Clearing bore obstructions
  • Aligning gun sights
  • Checking and correcting timing issues
  • Installing scope mounts
  • Repair feeding, ejection and firing problems


From firearms repairs in Alabama to restorations, a qualified Alabama gunsmiths main goal is to insure that your firearm functions properly and is in a safe operational condition.

Gunsmith Training

Having honed their skills through years of education and experience the most highly trained and sought after master gunsmiths are normally found through referral of family or friends. For more information on your firearms repair feel free to contact any of the Alabama gunsmiths listed below.


Tactical Arms Gunsmithing
370 Dupree Drive NW
Huntsville, AL, 35806

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