AR15 Legal In Florida



Are AR-15 Rifles Legal in Florida?

 Are AR-15 rifles legal in Florida? The AR-15 rifle is legal to own in Florida. Florida law treats the AR-15 just as it would any other semi automatic rifle. Minimum age for purchase is 21 years of age.

Purchase Requirements For AR-15 In Florida

There is no state license required to purchase a firearm in Florida. If purchasing through a Florida FFL Dealer you must present a valid I.D. that is issued by the State of Florida and pass a federal background check through the NCIS system.

There is no background check required if your purchasing through a private party.

Must I Register My AR-15 In Florida?

There are no legal requirements to register firearms in Florida.

What AR-15 Rifles Are Legal In FL?

Any AR-15 that can be legally purchased in the state of Florida is legal to own providing you do not modify them in a fashion that would make them illegal to possess.

AR-15 Legal For Hunting In Florida?

The AR-15 may be used to take deer and other large game or nuisance animals in the State Of Florida. The magazine may hold no more than 5 rounds of ammo. More information on Florida hunting regulations can be found here.

AR-15 Shortest Legal Barrel?

The shortest legal barrel length for a commercially available rifle is 16″ inches. Barrels 14″ or shorter fall within the guidelines of the National Firearms Act and require a special tax stamp in order to be possessed.

The exception being a 14″ barrel with a flash hider that has been permanently welded or pinned in place.

Is The AR-15 Considered An Assault Rifle In FL?

The AR-15 is not considered an assault weapon by the State of Florida.

Is Building An AR-15 Legal In FL?

Building your own AR is legal in the State of Florida. Many people purchase parts from different manufactures to create their own one of a kind customized AR. If special modifications are to be made you may wish to consult with a Florida gunsmith.

AR-15 Legal Magazine Size In FL?

There are no restrictions as to the size of magazine that you may use with your AR-15 in the State Of Florida. Florida law may regulate the size of the magazine when hunting. Common size magazines are capable of holding 10 round, 20 round and 30 rounds of ammo.

Is It Legal To Suppress An AR-15 In Florida?

It is legal to suppress an AR-15 in the State of Florida. In order to have a suppressed rifle you will be required to purchase a suppressor tax stamp. Ownership and use of suppressors are regulated by the National Firearms Act. More information on suppressors in FL may be found in the article How to purchase a suppressor in Florida.

Which AR-15 Brand Is The Best?

This question is much like asking, who manufactures the best car? It is going to depend much on your taste and intended use. One of my favorites is one I purchased at PSA. It’s a good quality reliable rifle that has never failed me.

Where Can I Buy An AR-15 In Florida?

There are multiple manufactures and retailers of various semi-auto AR-15’s that are readily available to purchase in Florida providing it is legal for you to do so. Palmetto State Armory and Brownells are our favorites. For your convenience all links will open in new tabs so enjoy the eye candy.


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