Are 3D Printed Guns Legal


Are 3D Printed Guns Legal ?

3D printed guns, as the name implies are guns that are manufactured with the use of a 3D printer. These types of firearms are primarily made of plastics and are capable of firing standard handgun ammunition and some rifle rounds.

Although they are printed with plastics the Undetectable Firearms Act states that they must still contain enough steel to be picked up on metal detectors or wand type devices.

As of the time of this writing 3D printed guns are perfectly legal to own and manufacture for yourself, however, you may not sell, give them as a gift or transfer them to anyone else. Please note that some state laws may require that you serialize your firearm, register your new firearms or even apply for a permit to manufacture your firearm. Two states that come to mind are New Jersey and California.

Federal law grants you the right to manufacture your own firearm, but not to manufacture for others without having the proper licenses.

Does the ATF And Other Law Enforcement Agencies Know About 3D Printed Guns ?

The short answer would be yes, the ATF and other law enforcement agencies continuously keep up with new advancements in technology.

Does the ATF Have Any Say In What Technology Is Used To Manufacture Firearms ?

The ATFs main goal is to enforce those laws that are currently active. At this time there are no active laws that regulate the 3D printing of firearms, however there are existing laws and statutes that limit the manufacturing and transfer of firearms as a business or individual.

Can Someone That Is Legally Prohibited From Owning A Firearm Make A 3D Gun ?

If you are legally prohibited from owning firearms, federal, state, and local laws still apply. You may not own, manufacture or be in possession of a firearm. The simple fact that you made a 3D printed firearm violates these laws.

Does A 3D Printed Firearm Need A Serial Number ?

A serial number is not required for a firearm that you have made for yourself. However, laws are constantly changing. Be sure to check your state laws.

What Is Stopping The Technology of 3D Printing From Being Used Illegally ?

There are already laws and statutes that cover being in possession of and or the selling of firearms by prohibited persons.

Can An Individual Manufacture And Sell 3D Printed Firearms ?

This would mean your “engaged in the business ” of manufacturing firearms. You will need to apply for and receive the proper Federal Firearms License and follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

How Does One Apply For A Federal Firearms License ?

Please visit our Federal Firearms License page.

What Type Of Guns Can Be 3D Printed ?

The more common type are semi-automatic pistols and sport hunting rifles.

Can You Legally Carry A 3D Printed Gun ?

If you have the proper carry license there should be no problems with you carrying your gun. However keep in mind some law enforcement officials may not understand why your firearm does not have a serial number.

Where Can One Find The Plans Or CAD Files For 3D Printed Guns ?

The plans/CAD files for 3D printed guns can be found on numerous websites for free and on some websites for a small fee.

How Does A 3D Printer Work ?

A 3D printer works very much like a inkjet printer however the technology involved is vastly different. A 3D printer deposits layers of material such as plastic and as each layer is deposited it is fused together creating a solid 3 dimensional object when the process is complete.

This technique is called the additive manufacturing process and is used by thousands of different business entities on a daily basis, creating a multitude of products that we all commonly use.

How Long Does It Take To Print A 3D Gun ?

It all depends on the quality of the printer and the complexity of the firearm you are wishing to print. You can expect anywhere from 15 to 30 hours.

How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost ?

A good printer will cost you anywhere from $1500.00 to $8000.00