California Custom Holsters

California Custom Holsters

IWB Concealed Carry Holsters

A premium, American made inside Waist Band Concealed carry holster that is properly crafted and designed to allow for quick access and use is a must have item !

The quality of your holster is of the utmost importance. A properly constructed IWB holster should include a sweat shield and sturdy clips or belt loops and provide for deep concealed carry while at the same time providing comfort and safety.

As with any holster, you can quickly access your firearm, however it may take some regular and consistent practice to decide the best way to grip your sidearm when removing it from the holster. Re-holstering may be a problem, so practice often with an unloaded firearm until you learn the proper technique for your particular weapon.

Offering stream lined designs for easy concealment IWB concealed carry holsters are discrete and give you the ability to travel with your safety not having to be of a concern.


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