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Western Quick Draw Leather Gun Holsters

A western style holster that is properly designed allows for quick access and use. Made of quality leathers these holsters recreate the fashions of the old west when your holster was your six shooters best friend.

Designs may vary from plain smooth sided holsters to those that are intricately stamped and hand tooled to bring the old west back to life. Couple your fast draw holster with a high quality gun slingers belt to bring the wild west past back to life.

The quality of your holster is of the utmost importance, not only does it protect your firearm but it also gives you piece of mind and the confidence you need in knowing your firearm is properly secured. Look for signs of quality such as double stitching and rigidity. Fast draw competitions can place alot of stress on you holster, so once again I must stress quality as a key factor in your choice of holsters.


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