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Exotic Skin Gun Holsters

Made of exotic skins these gun holsters are sure to please even the most hardened connoisseur of custom leather holsters. From python to elephant to hippo to alligator an exotic skin holster offers not only great looks, but also great value as an heirloom quality product that can be passed down from generation to generation !

Exotic skin holsters are normally hand crafted one at a time to fit your individual model of firearm, however, more and more manufactures are starting to utilize the custom leathers involved for making these custom holsters on a mass scale.

Coming in basically all styles from open carry to concealed, these exotic holsters are a little more stylish and definitely compliment not only you, but also your sidearm.

Having once been in the realm of the elite, these exotic skin holsters are now being used for not only utilitarian purposes but also as a fashion accessory to your daily clothing.


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