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What Is A Curio and Relics FFL ?

A Curio and Relics FFL is a special type of FFL that is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobbacco Firearms and Explosives. The C&R FFL allows those who have a Curio and Relics FFL to collect firearms that are 50 years or older and that may have special values to collectors.

How To Get An Curios and Relics License Type 03 FFL

Getting your Curio and Relics FFL License (Type 3 FFL) is one of the easiest ways to purchase surplus and antique firearms that are over 50 years old. C&R Firearms can be shipped directly to your home and makes it easy to start a great gun collection.

Curios and relics can be purchased via mail order, over the internet, or at your local gun shop without you having to complete background checks that an non FFL holder would normally have to perform. As a holder of a C&R FFL license your background has already been checked by the BATF and this license allows an individual to purchase directly through retailers or organizations.

Retailers will need a copy of your 03 FFL and may require additional information before shipping.

Most retailers will denote a collectable or qualifying firearm as ” C&R Eligible” letting C&R Collectors know that the item can be shipped directly to their home or place of business.

Collector Of Curios And Relics License

Collector Of Curios And Relics License

How much does a Curio and Relics license cost?

The Curio and Relics FFL License fee is only $30 .

How Long Is A C&R Good For ?

A C&R FFL license is good for a period of 3 years.

C&R Renewal

90 days prior to your expiration date the BATFE will mail to your registered address a form (ATF Form 8 – 5310.11). This is your renewal form. You must fill this form out and send it back in to the BATFE with any applicable fees. If you do not receive your form it is your responsibility to contact the BATFE and find out why your form has not been sent.

What are C&R Eligible Firearms ?

Some of the more common C&R firearms are the rifles such as the SKS 7.62×39, the Mosan Nagant or one of the many different types of Mausers. Pistols such as the Polish Radom P-64 or the CZ-50 .32 ACP are also qualifying collectable firearms.

What qualifies as a Curio and Relics firearm ?

Any firearm 50 years or older qualifies as a collectable and can be purchased with your Curio and Relics FFL with the exception of automatic weapons.

So long as the C&R eligible firearm is 50 years or older and still in its original configuration it will be considered a C&R firearm. It does not necessarily have to be on the ATF’s C&R gun list.


Download the Firearms Curios or Relics List From The ATF From 1972-2007

and the Update January 2008 through June 2014

Does a C&R FFL License Allow Me To Deal Firearms ?

The short answer is NO. An individual can not deal firearms with this type of license. It is strictly for purchasing collectable firearms. Think of it as more of a FFL for personal use. If you wish to be in the business of buying and selling firearms you can visit this page for more information on obtaining your FFL.

Where can I obtain a Curio & Relics FFL application form ?

The Curio and Relics FFL application can be found on the ATF Website. Click here to download the ATF Form 7CR ( C&R License Application ) directly from the ATF website.

How long does it take to get a C&R license ?

Turn around times on approval and issuance of a C&R license can vary depending upon the back log of applications being processed.  A time of 4 to 8 weeks appears to be normal.

Where can I find C&R FFL Regulations ?

Regulations regarding the use of a C&R License can be found on the ATF website. Click here to view the regulations.

Filling out your C&R license application is an easy do it yourself task and there should be no need for an attorney.

A C&R License is one of the easiest to get and will enable you to have eligible firearms shipped directly to your door.

Information on a home based ffl can be found here.