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Eagle Gun Range
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Firearm Safety Classes
Class Times: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings 7:00 – 9:30 PM
Pre-registration is required.

Classes Taught: The training classes are adjusted in subject according to prior firearm knowledge of the students.

Basic Firearms Training
The Basic Firearms Training section covers subjects such as pistol parts and terms, types of ammunition, operation of various pistol actions, safety, cleaning, storage, and learning how to properly shoot a pistol. All shooting is done on the range under professional supervision. NRA certified instructors and law enforcement instructors will be your teachers.

The Basics of Personal Protection
The Personal Protection section of the class is designed for the individual who owns or plans on owning a firearm for personal protection and has a desire to learn to use their firearm with greater safety and skill. For those who decide to defend themselves with a firearm, this section provides the basic knowledge to operate and use a handgun safely and the fundamentals needed to shoot it skillfully. Awareness levels and defensive attitudes are discussed at length.

Home and Automobile Firearm Safety
Firearm safety within the home is the main topic of this section. Learning the basic elements of firearm safety: attitude, knowledge, and skill as well as the fundamental rules of safe firearm handling, identification of various types of firearms and ammunition, cleaning and caring for your firearms, and proper storage within the home. Awareness in and around  your automobile is discussed. NRA REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM training is discussed.

All classes are taught by NRA certified instructors.

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