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Reed has been in private practice since 2004. Prior to graduating from law school, Reed interned with the Rankin County District Attorney’s office and the United States’ Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi. Before being admitted to the bar, Reed worked part-time as a law clerk beginning in 2002.

Mississippi Gun Laws (and other weapons)

Attorney Reed Martz has written the definitive Mississippi resource for firearm and other weapon laws.  An expert on justifiable self-defense and an avid shooter, Martz lays out in simple english what is, and is not, allowed with respect to Mississippi gun laws and self-defense.  Martz also covers relevant federal laws which affect the state provisions, especially in regard to his detailed analysis concerning whether a convicted felon can effectively be relieved (or “rehabilitated”) from the disability prohibiting firearm ownership.

Reed may be a second amendment attorney but he can also handle various other types of cases.

Martz’s qualifications, in addition to those listed on his biography, include
Graduate of Massad Ayoob Group’s MAG-40 (perfect scores on range and in classroom)

Graduate, RangeUSA’s Intermediate Handgun (perfect qualification score)

Graduate, Rangemaster’s Basic Personal Protection Course (perfect qualification score)

Graduate, Rangemaster’s One Day Advanced Pistol Skills

Graduate, Ole Miss Gun Safety Club Enhanced Pistol Permit class

Attendee, 2012 Polite Society Tactical Conference

Panel Counsel, American Knife and Tool Institute

Panel Counsel, Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, LLC

Panel Counsel, United States Concealed Carry Association

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