Gun Rights Attorney Kentucky



How To Find A Gun Rights Attorney In Kentucky

Finding the best gun rights attorney in Kentucky can be a confusing task. This is one of the most important steps in the legal process, especially if you have been charged with a firearms violation.

Finding a attorney you can trust should not be an afterthought. It should be at the forefront of the things you need to do.

What Is The Definition Of A Gun Rights Attorney ?

A Kentucky gun rights attorney is much more than someone whom you contact to see about restoring your gun rights. They are someone that truly believes in your right to self defense, your right to carry a firearm and strongly believes that every citizen that can legally do so, has the right to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment.

There are thousands of listings on the major search engines where you will see attorneys in Kentucky who claim to be gun rights attorneys, but are they really ?

Your belief in your right to keep and bear arms in Kentucky may be in direct conflict with their beliefs to disarm the population.

Sure these so called gun rights attorneys will be glad to take your money, they may smile at you, show concern for the situation you are in and even represent you in court. However, do you really think they will represent you with your best interest in mind if they are a anti-gun person or law firm ?

Think about that for a moment. It is your freedom that is on the line.

When your court date in Kentucky has come and gone, only your attorney is guaranteed to walk out of the court room. Do not blindly place your trust in someone just because they have a flashy website, nice office or tell you everything you want to hear.

How To Find A Good KY Gun Rights Attorney

There are firearms forums and gun rights organizations that are native to Kentucky that can be readily accessed online. These are valuable resources that are available to be used in conjunction with this site to locate good attorneys who have your best interest in mind.

A good attorney may not necessarily the be most expensive attorney. A good attorney is one that has handled a multitude of cases and has a proven track record.

Personal referrals and referrals from pro-firearms organizations are great places to start when searching for a gun rights attorney.

When soliciting referrals from friends, family or business associates, find out what type of case it was and if possible the qualifications of their attorney. Find out how much time has passed since the case, and if the attorney has changed firms or areas of practice.

An attorney that has changed firms or areas of practice may no longer be handling firearms and gun related cases. They may not have taken ongoing educational courses on new laws as he or she would have done, if they were still handling such firearms cases on a weekly basis.

The Kentucky Bar Association even recommends asking family, friends and business associates for referrals.

What Types Of Weapons Offenses Does A Kentucky Gun Firearms Attorney Handle ?

  • Restoration of Gun Rights
  • CCDW Charges – Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon
  • Denial Of Firearms Purchase
  • Possession Of A Firearm By A Minor
  • Denial of Kentucky CCDW Permit
  • Firearms Violations At The Airport Or Other Public Venues
  • Illegal Possession Of A Firearm
  • Sale Of A Firearm To A Minor
  • Possession Of A Stolen Firearm
  • Carrying A Firearm Without A Valid License
  • Carrying Weapons In Unauthorized Locations Of An Airport
  • Using A Firearm In A Manner That Endangers Another Person
  •  Criminal Defense

The above are just a few of the cases that a KY gun lawyer may handle. During you initial consultation advise them of the exact charge that you are charged with and be sure they have the experience your entitled to for a proper defense.

Interview Your Attorney

Many attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of this. It gives you an opportunity to meet your potential attorney and ask questions.

At the same time it gives the attorney a chance to explain to you what kind of fines or penalties you may be facing and what kind of cost you may incur for their services.

Take a copy of your arrest record with you so that your attorney knows exactly what the charges are that have been placed against you.

Questions you may wish to ask your Attorney

  • What is your experience in handling weapons case such as mine
  • What is your educational background
  • How long have you practiced firearms law in Kentucky
  • How long will the process last
  • What are the chances of successfully resolving my case
  • What is the attorneys fee, or what amount of retainer to you need to pay
  • Will there be any other fees other than the attorneys fees
  • Ask your attorney for a full breakdown of your charges, in plain English

Some weapons cases in KY can be extremely complicated and there may not be a simple solution. Be prepared for the worse and hope for the best. Some weapons charges carry stiff penalties.

If your case goes to trial or litigation this can change everything. Make sure your KY gun rights attorney has the proper trial experience and is well versed in litigating your defense.

Know How Much Your Attorneys Fees Will Cost

Everyone would love to be able to hire the “best” attorney Kentucky, however, can you afford that attorney ? Make sure that your attorney knows what kind of money you are comfortable with spending.

There are attorneys that have been known to offer reduced rates or even payment plans depending on how they feel about you as a person and how the charges against you have came to be.

Some gun rights attorneys have even been known to take on cases on a pro bono basis if they feel you have been wronged by the justice system or if there are other underlying circumstance that need to be addressed such as violation of your civil rights.

A civil rights violation could be being arrested for carrying a firearm in a place where it was legal or being denied a firearms carry permit because a judge or other officer of the court just decided they did not feel like issuing you a permit. These scenarios have happened on more than one occasion.

Trust Your Instincts

If during your initial consultation you start to get bad “vibes” about the attorney your speaking with, trust your instincts. There may even be “red flags” in their office such as awards, or certificates of appreciation from anti-gun groups.

Just because you meet with an attorney during a consultation, does not mean your legally obligated to hire that attorney.

Research Your Attorney

Be wary of attorney advertisements. There are reasons why these advertisements make attorneys sound like they are the best in the business.

Like many other business owners, KY attorneys pay others to drive traffic to their firms. These advertising firms are paid to make the attorney sound like the solution, your solution, the only solution to your problem.

With the proper advertising you can be lead to believe an attorney who has just passed the Kentucky bar exam has been in practice for decades.

Finding the right attorney may require that you devote time and it may require you to do some research. The effort you exert on finding the right lawyer to represent you will fundamentally be reflected throughout your case as it winds it way through the Kentucky legal system.

The internet can be a wonderful tool to research your potential gun rights attorney. USE IT