Hawkeye Firearms Instruction, LLC


Hawkeye Firearms Instruction, LLC

Steve Hensyel
Owner / NRA Certified Instructor
Oskaloosa, Iowa
(641) 660-0070   ( any day CST 8am – 8pm ).


Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons Course – CCW

This course is to provide the student with training that is consistent with the law of the state allowing a individual to apply for a Permit to Carry Weapons  (CCW )
This Iowa CCW class has been approved by the Iowa DPS as meeting the new requirements and is accepted in all counties.

Renewal Range / Shooting Qualification

This will meet the range qualification test for a renewal permit under the  new “shall issue” law. Persons with a current permit due for renewal have the option to either take the course only or do live fire qualification to renew.

Handgun Courses

Level 1 – Basic Handgun
Level 2 – Advanced Handgun
Level 3 – Advanced Handgun 2
Women Only Courses

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