Heritage Walnut

Jim Bisio
4545 Shoup Road
Colorado Springs, CO  80908



Providing Fine Walnut Blanks to the Gunmaking Trade

Heritage Walnut

Jim Bisio, owner of Heritage Walnut, was drawn to firearms from an early age.  Growing up in southwest Colorado in a hunting family, rifles were particularly useful tools.  His interest grew to fine shotguns and rifles as he began to study form and style in stock design.  An amateur stockmaker for 30 years, he has been building stocks full time since 1996.  Building on his experience, Jim began buying and sawing walnut logs and planks to cure and prepare for sale to the gunmaking trade.  Today Heritage Walnut has an extensive inventory of both rifle and two piece blanks in all grades fully cured and ready to work.

In 2009, Jim applied for full, regular membership to the American Custom Gunmaker Guild (ACGG) as a stockmaker.  Meanwhile, he continues to supply both stock blanks and machine semi-inlet stocks to the trade.

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