High Caliber Defense, LLC

High Caliber Defense, LLC


Craig Rose
6087 S. Quebec St., Ste. 103
Centennial, CO 80111


Concealed Handgun Permit Class

This four hour instruction qualifies the participant to file with their local county for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). The instructors carefully teach the comprehensive course according to the Colorado Statutes required to receive the certificate of completion.

Practical Concealed Carry Level I (Beginner)

This is the next step for the new concealed handgun permit holder. A permit does not teach technique and practical carry strategies. Your likeliness of carrying and overall confidence with a sidearm without this instruction is probably low.

Practical Concealed Carry Level I (Advanced)

We have assumed that you have practiced your drawing and re-holster techniques introduced in Practical Concealed Carry Level I to the point the movement is comfortable and natural. In this advanced course we can now introduce movement while drawing and shooting.

Close Quarter Training Level II

Most civilian shootings take place at about one to two arm-lengths away. We call this “bad breath distance.” Recent studies confirm that even law enforcement are not able to use their handgun sights in over ninety percent of their shootings. This instruction is highly valuable for practical purposes of protection.

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