how to get a home based ffl in Georgia


How To Get A Home Based FFL In Georgia

Many people do not realize that they can apply to receive a Federal Firearms License for a home based FFL in Georgia. A home based FFL in Georgia will allow you to legally buy sell and transfer firearms either at your home or over the internet.

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Home Based FFL Requirements In Georgia

Home based FFL requirements in Georgia are very much like those required to receive any other federal firearms license.

Zoning Requirements For A Home Based FFL In GA

Although you may be approved by the ATF for your home based FFL, in GA you must also take care, and do your due diligence in finding out if your home falls within the applicable zoning laws the State of Geogia, your city, and or county. It is recommended that you take the above steps before filling out your application.

In todays society it is recommended that you pay for and receive a “Certification of Zoning ” from your local government agency that handles the zoning requirements. Be advised that a “Certification of Zoning ” may not be available in all areas.

Do You Need A Business For A Home Based FFL In Georgia?

You may form a business entity such as an LLC or apply for your home based FFL in your name as a sole-proprietor. Your business license may read John Doe D.B.A. Your Business Name. Business licenses may be purchased at your local county or city business license offices.

You must have an intent on doing business in order to receive an FFL of any kind.

Licensing Requirements For A Home Based Federal Firearms License In Georgia

In order to conduct business from your home, you must first determine if such licensing is allowed under your state and local laws. As an example, some cities may not issue business licenses to those whom propose to run a firearms business within the boundary’s of a subdivision or residential area.

Other determining factors may be proximity of schools, churches and day care centers. Home based Federal Firearms licensing requirements may be different depending upon your location. If you have any questions or concerns we would recommend contacting a Georgia real estate attorney to verify proper zoning.


Who Is Eligible To Receive A Home Based FFL In GA?

The ATF guidelines on eligibility can be found here.

Your Home Based FFL And Hours Of Operation

Your ATF application will ask for you to list your intended hours of operation. This information is asked of you for the express purpose of giving the ATF access to your business property ( Your Home) for compliance inspections.

Please note that this does not mean they can randomly go throughout your house, they may only inspect the portion in which you are conducting business. Many people use a out building for their business.

Your intended hours of operation does not dictate that you can only do business during that time frame. You may actually be conducting business 24/7 via the internet.

You are required to be open at least 2 hours per calendar week. Please note that you are not tied to your home during these hours, however, you must be reachable by phone so that another inspection time frame can be scheduled.

What is an FFL Compliance Inspection In Georgia?

During an FFL compliance inspection ATF industries operations investigators (IOIs) will review your records and make sure your following applicable guidelines and are operating in compliance of the law.

They may also make suggestions and provide to you both educational and instructional materials. More information on FFL compliance inspections can be found here.

Earnings Potential For A Home Based FFL In GA

A home based FFL has several ways of generating an income. Some of the more common are listed below :

  • FFL Transfers
  • Becoming a Georgia gunsmith
  • New and used firearms sells
  • Sell of firearms parts and accessories

Choosing Your Home Based Federal Firearms License

There are 9 different types of FFL licenses. Those licenses can be viewed by choosing your appropriate state on this page.

The most common for home based FFL’s are the Type 1 and Type 2.

Is A Home Based FFL Worth It ?

It is absolutely worth it, depending upon the amount of business you wish to conduct. A home based FFL may have a lower operating cost than a commercial FFL. Think of it as a FFL for personal use.

Home Based FFL Insurance In Georgia

If your going to be in the firearms business in Georgia it is highly recommended that you purchase property and general liability insurance.

Property insurance covers items that are in trusted to you for repair or sell. It may also covers your business location for theft, damage and other losses.

General liability insurance covers bodily injury and other injuries that may result in your work or items that you may have sold.

The NRA and other organizations are a good source to utilize to acquire insurance at a reasonable cost.

Most home owners insurance policies will not cover your firearms business although it may be located in your home.

For more in depth information on how to get a home based FFL contact any of the FFL attorneys found on this site. Alternatively you can do it yourself by using our recommended partner found below.

This Guide Is Guaranteed To Get You Approved For An FFL From Home !

Information on obtaining your C&R License can be found here.