John R. Monroe Attorney at Law


John R Monroe
Attorney at Law
156 Robert Jones Road
Dawsonville, GA 30534
678-362-7650 (voice)


John Monroe Law, P.C. concentrates its practice on issues pertaining to gun laws, including licensing issues and civil and criminal litigation.  Our most frequent cases involve:

  • Resolving criminal backgrounds for clients wishing to possess and purchase firearms legally or obtain weapons carry licenses.


  • Criminal defense, including
    • Murder or manslaughter
    • Aggravated assault
    • Pointing a gun or pistol at another
    • Carrying a weapon in a school safety zone
    • Carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location
    • Carrying a weapon at an airport


  • Civil cases, including
    • Challenging laws or practices that restrict the possession or carrying of weapons
    • Challenging arrests or other forms of harassment for carrying weapons
    • Protecting ranges or gun manufacturers from civil claims aimed at hurting their businesses


  • Drafting and supporting legislative efforts to ease the burdens on lawful possession and use of weapons


John R Monroe attorney at law is a very well known firearms lawyer that is located in Georgia.