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Leather Paddle Holsters

As a carry option you may wish to invest in a quality leather paddle holster. Made for both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols these holster can offer good retention capabilities if constructed with a thumb break or other retention devices.

How Are Paddle Holsters Made ?

Paddle holsters are made with a duck bill, or paddle that inserts into the waist band of your pants allowing you to have greater stability and control over your handgun even while doing strenuous activities such as exercising, running and jogging.

Paddle Holsters With Thumb Break

If you are looking for a paddle holster that offers more retention and security for your side arm consider buying one that has a thumb break. The retention strap and retention screw will provide you the maximum ability to keep your sidearm secure and safe at all times if so equipped.

Hand made leather paddle holsters constructed of premium leathers offer you many different choices when it comes to style and wear ability.



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