Max Velocity Tactical


Max Velocity Tactical
PO Box 671
Occoquan, VA 22125-0671

Max Velocity is an author and trainer providing tactical instruction and advice for those preparing for disaster survival and high threat, protection and combat operations. Author of Contact! A Tactical Manual  For Post Collapse Survival and Rapid Fire! Tactics For High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations. 

Max Velocity releases his new novel Patriot Dawn The Resistance Rises.


Max Velocity Tactical offers training and consultancy services in the following areas:

Hostile Environment Training
Hostile Environment Security
Small Unit Tactics
Close Protection Tactics
Infantry and Special Operations Tactics
Military Basic Training and Related Skills
Tactical Vehicle Movement
Survival Tactics & Preparation
Self Defense & Firearms Training
Home Defense & Family Security
Site Assessment & Defensive Survey
Contingency Planning & Preparation

If you require consultancy or training services, further clarification, or have further training requirements that are not listed, please contact us for more information and rates.

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