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Nebraska Family Law

Family lawyers can represent you in civil court to resolve issues that may arise and may be caused by various problems. Some of the more common issues are listed below.

Nebraska Child Support

When a family separates a court may order one parent to pay the other child support. These funds are to be used for the well being of the child or children in question. The amount paid is normally determined by the needs of the child and by the income of the non-custodial parent paying the support.
Child support payments may be used for household necessities such as utility bills, food, and for any other need of the child. When a non-custodial parent fails to pay child support, the courts may take action to enforce the child support order. Child support orders may also be amended depending on whether the non-custodial parent has a drastic fluctuation in income. In this instance the support may be increased or decreased depending upon the circumstances.

Spousal Support – Alimony In Nebraska

Spousal support often referred to as alimony, may be ordered by a court when one spouse has been the primary income earner. Short term support is often ordered by the court if the marriage has been a short marriage. The short term support is often granted to those dependent spouses as a means for them to get back on their feet until such a time as they can support them self.
Long term spousal support may be ordered by the court when a marriage has lasted for an extended period of time, normally in excess of 10 years. This type of support may last until the recipient spouse dies or remarries.

Paternity Testing In Nebraska

Paternity law is an area of law dealing with proving who a child’s biological father may be through genetic testing, when a father disputes that he is indeed the biological father of a child . Establishing paternity is a civil proceeding that is carried out through the courts or voluntarily if the alleged father has no objections. Depending upon the state paternity may be established by a preponderance of the evidence or by having DNA test conducted. If paternity is proved the father may be ordered to pay child support for his child and may possibly gain full visitation rights.

Nebraska Adoption Laws

Child adoption laws may vary by state. Additional laws may come into play depending upon the country in which you seek to adopt a child from. Certain requirements must be met in order to adopt a child. Some of these requirements may be imposed by law, other requirements by the birth parents of the child. It is always recommended that you speak with a family lawyer when contemplating adopting a child.

Family law issues may have far reaching affects, both emotionally and financial. Always seek the advice of a experienced Nebraska family lawyer.


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