North Carolina Divorce Attorneys


Divorce Attorneys In North Carolina

Divorce laws in North Carolina can be quite complex, however, rest assured that well versed family law lawyers can guide you in the right direction. From helping you file for a legal separation to actually filing your separation agreement their services are indispensable.

Uncontested Divorce In North Carolina

Many of the best family law attorneys will tell you that if you and your spouse can come to a mutually satisfying agreement over the division of assets the divorce process goes a lot smoother. The cost of an uncontested divorce is much less than a divorce that is drawn out in a long court battle.

What Is Considered Marital Property In North Carolina

Marital property is assets that have been acquired during the marriage, and, both parities have legal rights of ownership to that property. This may include homes, cars, banking and investment accounts. Exclusions of marital property may be gifts or inheritances or property that has been excluded by legal agreements that have been put in place by both parties or property that was acquired before the marriage. Selling of marital property during divorce may not always lead to an equitable division of marital property.

North Carolina Child Custody Laws

Filing for divorce in North Carolina can be a very trying and emotional time, when a child’s custody is involved it can be even more complex. Child custody in North Carolina is normally determined by the family court. Having a family law lawyer by your side during this crucial process can give you peace of mind.

Determining Factors Of Child Custody In North Carolina

Some of the determining factors involved as to who wins custody of the child may be which parent can provide the best care for the child and whom can provide the best home environment. In some instances the court may allow the child to choose whom they wish to live with depending upon the child’s age and level of maturity. If domestic violence has occurred the North Carolina family court may determine that sole custody should be awarded, or supervised joint custody.


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