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Penny Dean

Admitted in NH, ME, MA & D.C. Cir.

When gunowners have been wronged, be it being wrongly denied a license to carry a concealed firearm, seeking the return of firearms wrongfully seized or wrongfully held, being stopped simply because you have pro-gun bumper stickers, being denied local permission to open a gun store or being denied the right to have their picture in a high school yearbook with a shotgun (remember Blake Douglass and Londonderry High School?), Attorney Dean has been who they called.

In many instances, GO-NH, Inc. has provided generous support in many forms. Many directors and members of GO-NH, Inc. have volunteered countless hours of their time to support Attorney Dean on these cases. GO-NH, Inc. is the only all-volunteer pro-gun organization in New Hampshire that offers gun owners the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to their gun related questions. Attorney Dean periodically answers the GO-NH, Inc. phone, a resource for gun owners everywhere and has volunteered countless hours of her time on a weekly basis advising gun owners of their rights. No GO-NH, Inc. membership dues are used to pay staff salaries…because it is 100% volunteer.

Attorney Dean is probably the only private attorney ever to have made the cover of the New Hampshire State Police newsletter Articulatable Suspicion, when Police Standards and Training’s Earl Sweeny entitled his response to Attorney Dean’s educational outreach letter on behalf of GO-NH, “Penny for her thoughts”.
Attorney Dean donated well over 100 hours of her time to provide research crucial to the legislative committee deciding whether to support, and ultimately pass, the current New Hampshire law, R.S.A. 159:B-1, the noise protection law that protects countless ranges in New Hampshire from nuisance lawsuits that could bankrupt them.

Attorney Dean provided assistance and support to the proponents of current New Hampshire law, R.S.A. 159: 26, statewide preemption which prohibits towns and cities from regulating firearms. Prior to this law Deerfield and other towns were beginning to post city and town offices prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms in an attempt to restrict your second amendment rights.

Attorney Dean was instrumental in providing antidotal evidence of abuse of the licensing process by a few chiefs of police who were demanding fingerprints and photographs of license applicants in violation of R.S.A. 1.59: 6 to the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Pubic Safety Committee. Because of Attorney Dean’s expansive practice in the area of the Second Amendment, she was able provide concrete examples to the Committee of real people that were being forced to provide more than the law required.

Ultimately, New Hampshire law was amended (New Hampshire R.S.A. 159: 6 II was added) to make it explicit that “No photograph or fingerprint shall be required or used as a basis to grant, deny, or renew a license to carry for a resident or nonresident, unless requested by the applicant.”

Attorney Dean is not only a practicing attorney but a shooter and shooting instructor as well. She is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Hunter Education Instructor, NRA Certified Range Officer, Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor, Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor, and a LFI I, II, & III graduate (Lethal Force Institute, Massad Ayoob, Director). She volunteers as in instructor for Basic Pistol as well as WOT (Women on Target) and other shooting programs.

Attorney Dean has been a guest commentator on numerous local and national radio shows, including NH Outlook, and New Hampshire Public Television (2/25/04 Gun Permit [license!] Debate [with Laurel Redden], of New Hampshire ‘Million’ Moms, should gunowners be required to have a permit in order to carry a concealed weapon?’).

On November 28, 2006 Attorney Dean gave a speech at Durham, UNH before the Young Americans for Freedom, during which Attorney Dean was interrupted by a heckler, all of which can be found on youtube.

Attorney Dean was an invited speaker at the Mensa Granite State Gathering 2004, Radisson Hotel Manchester, New Hampshire where she presented a seminar entitled “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns!” and she has been a guest speaker at countless other events.

Attorney Dean has testified countless times before New Hampshire House and Senate committees presenting an analysis of legislation and providing practical explanations before the New Hampshire General Court on firearms and other civil rights issues.
She was a Member of the Board of Directors, New Hampshire Wildlife Federation in 2006.  Attorney Dean can be heard from 10:30-? a.m. on Tuesdays on 107.7 the Pulse with Bulldog live and streaming on the web at

Attorney Dean is the author (and co-author) of several articles in the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc.  including those regarding her successful defense of citizens who used, or are accused of using firearms in self defense, both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network Journal is edited by Gila Hayes and reviewed by other experts in the field insuring peer review of firearm related issues.

Some recent cases of Attorney Dean’s
Stuart Urie of Milford, NH See November and December 2010″
and Dave Bushong of Hudson, NH (Nashua Mall/Tyngsboro, MA incident)