Riordan Firearms Training


Riordan Firearms Training

Mike Riordan
NRA Certified Instructor
c. 602-722-2187

No mater if you have never shot a gun before or have been shooting for years, it is always helpful to have an experienced guide to take you to that next level.  My name is Mike Riordan and I want to be your guide to the shooting sports.  There are many reasons a person wants to shoot a gun; for Recreational Sport, Personal or Home Defense,  Hunting and/or Competition.  No mater what the reason, everyone can benefit from additional training.

As a NRA Certified Instructor there are a variety of courses I can offer, or we can tailor custom training to meet your specific goals of becoming a better shooter.   If you are interested in obtaining an Arizona CCW permit I can assist with that as well.  Regardless of the type of instruction, you will find that it is offered in a relaxed and comfortable setting without any pressure or stress, learning should be fun and enjoyable.

As with any firearms related activities, our focus is on safety.  With the proper foundation in gun safety, shooting can be a sport enjoyed by persons of all ages and experience levels.

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