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What Is Self Defense Insurance In Michigan?

Self defense insurance in Michigan or MI concealed carry liability insurance are insurance policies or membership plans that help cover your legal expenses if you are ever involved in a situation wherein you have to legally use your firearm in a self-defense shooting.

Are Self Defense Insurance Plans Legal In Michigan?

Self-defense insurance plans are legal in Michigan. These insurance policies are normally underwritten by a State of Michigan licensed insurance company whereas the membership plans may be administrated by a local or national gun rights organization.

Is Michigan Concealed Carry Insurance And Self Defense Insurance The Same?

These terms are often used interchangeably along with the terms MI gun liability insurance, Michigan self-defense liability insurance, Michigan gun owners insurance, and MI CCW insurance.

What Kind Of Coverage Does Self Defense Insurance Offer In Michigan?

Coverage varies depending upon the type of concealed carry liability plan you choose, and the company that you purchase your insurance from. Before you purchase any self-defense insurance plan be sure to compare all the variables of the plans. Some of the more common items that you should look for are listed below:

  • Bail Bonds
    Michigan bail bonds can be expensive. If you’re charged with a crime during a self-defense shooting scenario, it would not be uncommon for your bond to be set at $250,000 to $1,000,000. A policy that covers at the minimum of 250K in bail bond coverage is a good place to start.
  • Michigan Civil Defense Attorney Fees
    Although you may be not be charged with criminal charges, there is always the chance that you may be facing a civil suit. Look for a policy that covers all of your Michigan civil defense attorney fees and a portion of, if not all, of any judgment that may be granted against you.
  • Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Fees
    A Michigan criminal defense attorney and trial fees can cost an extreme amount of money. Having the proper resources to defend yourself in court is a must-have. Look for a policy that does not have a cap on how much of your Michigan criminal defense attorney’s fees will be paid. Note that some CCW insurance policies will require you to use “in-network” attorneys. Look for a plan that provides “in-network” attorneys and one that also has the option to allow you to choose your own “out of network” attorney.
  • Expert Witness Fees In Michigan
    An expert witness in Michigan can be beneficial to your defense. An expert witness is someone that has a special education, knowledge, or proficiency in a particular field that may be relevant to your case. Expert witness fees may be more than $250 per hour. Look for a policy that has unlimited expert witness fees.
  • Monetary Compensation While In Court
    Court cases can take months to complete, causing you to lose a significant portion of your income. Some plans will offer you compensation for lost wages while you’re in court. Being stressed about how you and your family are going to survive during a lengthy court case can be relieved if you choose a plan that provides this option.
  • Private Investigator Fees In Michigan
    A private investigator has the skills and analytical mind necessary to gather accurate information and possibly find new evidence that can exonerate you in court. Their ability to find new witnesses and evidence can go a long way in establishing reasonable doubt to a jury of your peers.
  • Civil Damages In Michigan
    If your personal defense policy already covers the expense of a Michigan civil defense attorney, that’s great! But what about civil damages that may be awarded if your attorney loses your case? Look for a plan that has a minimum of 1MM in coverage. A huge judgment against you can ruin your life, so look for the plan that offers the largest minimum.

Are There Limitations Of Coverage For Michigan Self Defense Insurance?

Before purchasing Michigan self-defense insurance carefully read and understand what the coverage limits are, and what is being offered to you.
Many self-defense insurance plans will have limits as to what they will cover for defense costs.

Depending on the plan you choose there may be caps or limits as to what percentage of your legal fees will be paid if you’re ever involved in having to use your firearm in a self-defense situation in MI.

There are plans on the market that will only reimburse you cost such as bail bonds or court fees after you have been to court or posted bond. Stay away from these types of plans. If you wanted to pay these kinds of costs yourself why even bother with purchasing a self-defense plan?

Exclusions To Self Defense Insurance Coverage In Michigan

Just like your homeowner’s insurance policy has exclusions, so does self-defense insurance in Michigan. Before purchasing any self-defense insurance policy or plan, read the plan carefully. Some of the more common exclusions are listed below :

  • You may not be covered if you are an armed security guard or private investigator in Michigan and have to use your weapon during normal working hours.
  • You may not be covered during the commission of a crime.
  • You may not be covered if charged with and found guilty of committing a crime.
  • You may not be covered during the instance of an accidental discharge of your firearm.
  • You may not be covered if you’re a law enforcement official or on active duty in any branch of the US military and have to use your firearm during your official duties.
  • You may not be covered if your policy requires that you have a concealed carry weapons permit and, or, formal firearms training.
  • You may not be covered if you are a convicted felon in the State of Michigan.
  • You may not be covered if the firearm used is not registered to you in a state that requires firearms registration.
  • Some CCW insurance providers may require that you take a firearms training course in Michigan.
  • Some of the insurance providers may require that you have a concealed carry permit in states that require them before providing coverage to you.

These are just a few of the exclusions that may pertain to your personal defense insurance policy. Please read your policy carefully and ask any questions you may have before you purchase your self-defense insurance policy.

Do I Need Concealed Carry Insurance In Michigan?

No law stipulates that you must have concealed carry insurance in Michigan to be able to carry your firearms. However, the minimal cost of having self-defense insurance is well worth the money and can bring you great peace of mind.

Is Michigan Self Defense Insurance Worth It?

As a gun owner, you carry your firearm to protect not only yourself from physical danger but also your family. It only makes sense to purchase a self-defense plan to protect your family from the monetary damages that will be inflicted upon you if you’re ever involved in a self-defense situation.

Without an insurance plan, costs can quickly mount to the point where you may eventually have to contact a Michigan bankruptcy attorney. Is self-defense insurance worth it?

Will A Self Defense Liability Insurance Plan In Michigan Cover My Family?

Some plans and policies will indeed cover your family members for an additional cost. Some plans may only cover your family members while they are in your home and some may cover family members outside your home. Check with your chosen insurance provider for details.

Cost Of Coverage For A Self Defense Insurance Policy In Michigan

The cost of coverage for a self-defense insurance policy in Michigan may be as little as $13 per month up to $69.00 per month depending on the insurance provider and the type of coverage that you choose. Most self-defense insurance providers have a tiered plan structure that provides for different levels of protection. These types of tiered plans determine how much your MI concealed carry insurance cost.

Will My Michigan Self Defense Insurance Cover Me In All States?

If you are a on the road type of person and do a lot of traveling there are plans that may cover you in all states. Some of the smaller plan providers may only have coverage in certain geographical locations which is fine if you do not do a lot of traveling. However, with the cost of self-defense liability insurance in Michigan being so affordable why not pick a plan that covers you no matter where you may travel.

How Do I Use My Michigan Self Defense Insurance?

Many of the plans will issue you a wallet-size card that provides an emergency contact number. This number will connect you directly to an attorney or a representative of the insurance company who will then connect you to an attorney.

What To Do After A Self Defense Shooting Incident In Michigan

If you are ever involved in an incident first call 911 and report any injuries and start the process of getting Michigan law enforcement and medical help to the scene. Secondly, immediately call the number on your card and precisely follow the directions you are given by your attorney.

If it is safe to do so, DO NOT have your firearm in your hand or holster when law enforcement arrives on the scene. Try and secure it in a safe location. Law enforcement may perceive you to be a threat when they arrive on the scene. It is also likely that your firearm will be taken as evidence.

Always remember that although you know it was self-defense, the responding law enforcement officials may view it as a crime until such a time that a thorough investigation has been completed. You do not want to make any statements that may implicate you as having committed a crime. When speaking with law enforcement officials you may inadvertently make an off-hand statement that could be interpreted in a fashion that you did not mean.

After a self-defense incident, your adrenaline is going to be flowing. Your emotional state is going to be changed by the amount of adrenaline that is coursing throughout your body. One of your first concerns may be that you want to tell your side of the story or that you’re going to jail. Although this is a valid concern it should not be your main concern. Be more worried about going to prison for a crime that you did not commit.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. This statement is not just a slogan or line from a movie. It is the truth.

Will My Michigan Home Owners Insurance Umbrella Policy Cover Me In A Self Defense Scenario?

In a self-defense scenario, it is highly unlikely that your homeowners’ insurance policy or any other umbrella policy you may have will cover you if the injured party files a civil suit or law enforcement presses criminal charges. However, you may be covered if there is an accidental discharge on your property that injures an innocent person.

Michigan Self Defense Insurance Reviews

Be aware that websites that offer self-defense insurance reviews may in fact skew their rankings. Many of these sites make money from referral fees. It is not hard to imagine that they are going to provide the best review for the concealed carry insurance provider that pays them the most.

It is recommended that you do your due diligence when comparing plans. Ask for real-world input from those who have already purchased a plan. Ask your friends, business associates, your Michigan gunsmith, or your Michigan firearms instructor about the gun owner’s insurance plan they currently have or have had in the past.

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