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Suppressors in Florida – How To Purchase A Suppressor In Florida

Below you will find a brief explanation of what a suppressor is and how to buy a suppressor in Florida. Also included are many of the suppressor frequently asked questions.

Are Silencers Legal In Florida?

Yes silencers are legal in Florida if you pay for and receive the proper silencer tax stamp. You can even have your AR-15 or AK-47 modified enabling them to be more hearing friendly.

What Is A Silencer or Suppressor ?

A silencer or suppressor in Florida is any device that can be attached to a firearm be it a rifle or pistol that lowers or muffles the report of a firearm. Silencers are allowed for use in Florida for multiple reasons.

How Does A Suppressor Attach To A Gun ?

Almost all suppressors attach to the firearm by use of female threads which screw on to a threaded barrel. Depending on the make and model of your suppressor and the caliber of the firearm these threads will either be left handed or right handed threads. Various types of thread sizes are available depending upon the manufacture.

What are suppressors made of ?

  • Titanium : Used in high end suppressors that have high pressures
  • Aluminum : Used in many rim fire suppressors that have low pressures such as the .22
  • Stainless Steel: Very versatile material that can be found in basically all suppressors depending upon price range.
  • Chrome Moly Steel: Not actually a low cost or high end material but is a good all around material to be used in making suppressors that will not be used often.
  • Inconel: Used in high end and mid-range suppressors

How Long Will A Suppressor Last ?

This is a hard question to answer. Some people may use their suppressor for the occasional trip to the Florida gun range in which case it could last a lifetime. Others however may choose to use their suppressors on a daily basis and fire hundreds of rounds per day. It has been written that some of the higher end suppressors have managed to have upwards of 40,000 rounds fired through them.

What Does A Silencer Do And How Does A Suppressor Work ?

A silencer can lower the sound of a gun shot by as much as 45 decibels and even more in custom builds. This is achieved by inside baffles that slow down the escaping gases and muffles the sound of the firearm. These baffles may be of various shapes and to help create turbulence some may have holes drilled in them. Baffle configuration is determined by the caliber of the firearm, the size of the suppressor, and the suppressor design.

How Much Does A Suppressor Cost ?

Purchasing a suppressor in Florida is much like purchasing a new car. It is going to depend on what your are looking to achieve. Rim fire suppressors in Florida are usually the most affordable and you can purchase these starting at around $300. Rifle suppressors in Florida can be between several hundred to several thousand depending upon the make and model. Pistol suppressors in Florida can be purchased starting around the $600 range.

Do Suppressors Affect Accuracy ?

Suppressor designers and engineers work hard to make sure that their silencers do not harm the accuracy or functionality of your weapon. In many instances the use of a suppressor actually increases the accuracy of your firearm. Using a suppressor creates less recoil because they cause the escaping gasses to slow down, thereby giving you a more stable firearm. They also reduce the recoil of your firearm which in almost every instance affects the accuracy of your shots.

Will A Suppressor Hinder My Sights ?

Some suppressors will indeed hinder your sights. But not to fear, there are replacement sights on the market that sit higher than those sights that originally came from your firearm manufacture. It would be well advised to ask your specific Florida silencer dealer as to the compatibility of your particular firearm with the particular silencer you are wishing to purchase.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Barrel Threaded To Accept A Suppressor ?

This all depends on the type of barrel. Expect to pay $100 and upwards for a qualified Florida gunsmith to properly thread your barrel.

Can The Same Suppressor Be Used On Different Guns ?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is you need to be sure that the suppressor is designed to handle the design pressures of all the ammo you intend to send down range.

Do Suppressors Need To Be Cleaned ?

Yes, suppressors should be cleaned. Follow the recommend guidelines as set by the manufacture and use your best judgement. Rim fire ammo can be quite dirty and you may wish to clean more often when using this type of ammo. Most suppressors designed for rim fire ammo are user serviceable, easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Most sealed suppressors are self cleaning. The tremendous pressures obtained within these suppressors will force out any carbon and lead deposits as they accrue. However with that having been stated always follow the manufactures recommended cleaning practices. Failure to do so may void any warranty that comes with your suppressor.

What Do I Clean My Suppressor With ?

Removing carbon and lead is the main goal of a proper cleaning. It is recommended that you use products that remove carbon and lead. There are many gun cleaning solutions on the market that can meet these needs.

A nylon brush or a sonic cleaner are the most commonly recommended ways to utilize these cleaning solutions. Do not under any circumstances use an abrasive material to clean your “can”! Suppressors are made with exacting tolerances and wearing these down through excessive cleaning with a abrasive can ultimately ruin your suppressor.

Where Can I Buy Suppressors In Florida ?

There are multiple manufactures of various types of suppressors in Florida that are readily available, however it is not an item that one can just run out and purchase off the shelf. Silencers or suppressors are regulated items and as such fall under the authority of the National Firearms Act (NFA ) and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. FFL dealers that do not carry suppressors can recommend a trusted source to fulfill your needs.

Requirements For Legally Purchasing A Suppressor In Florida

  • You must be a resident of the State of Florida
  • You must be at the least 21 years of age
  • You must be a resident of the United States
  • You must be able to pass a ATF background check
  • You must pay a fee of $200 to the ATF for each suppressor you purchase


Suppressors Are Designated As A Class 3 Firearms In Florida

Silencers and suppressors are designated as Class 3 Firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. They are regulated items under the National Firearms Act (NFA) and State of Florida law. These regulations were passed by the federal government on June 26, 1934 as a means to discourage unscrupulous persons from obtaining Class 3 weapons and lengthening prison sentences for those to be found in violation of the law.

Types of Suppressors and Silencers

  • Rim fire: Rim fire silencers or suppressors are designed for low pressure, low power cartridges such as the .22 or .17hmr. These types of suppressors are not designed to handle the higher pressures of rifle type ammunition. Having been designed to handle lower pressures and lower power it is highly advised not to use these types of silencers on a high power rifle. Because they are designed to handle lower pressures these types of silencers are normally the most affordable and make for a great entry level suppressor.
  • Rifle : Rifle silencers and suppressor are designed to handle the high pressures associated with center fire cartridges. These types of silencers are designed to handle cartridges up to .50 BMG. They can be pricey in cost however, what is your hearing worth ?
  • Pistol: Pistol silencers and suppressor are designed to handle the lower pressures of handgun rounds and may even be used with some of the sub-sonic ammunition’s that are on the market.

Purchasing A Suppressor In Florida

Once you have found the authorized suppressor dealer in Florida that you wish to do business with do not hesitate to ask for their recommendations as to the best suppressor to fit your needs. Once you have found the suppressor you wish to purchase you will need to fill out a Form 4 which will be sent to the ATF for approval. The Form 4 is basically an application for your Florida suppressor tax stamp that once approved allows the dealer to transfer the suppressor to you.

Most Florida dealers will help you with this paperwork. You will not be able to take possession of the suppressor until this process has completed. It can take several months for this process to complete so be patient.

The Form 4 along with these additional documents must be sent to the ATF

  • The ATF Form 4 in duplicate
  • $200 Check to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives – ATF
  • FBI Form FD-258s which must be in black ink
  • Passport photos
  • If purchasing as a gun trust ATF Form 5320.23


The last thing you need to do is send a copy of your Form 4 to the local Chief Law Enforcement Official. This is required by law unless your purchasing as a gun trust which affords you more privacy.

What Is A Gun Trust And How Does It Afford You More Privacy ?

A gun trust is a revocable trust that owns property. That’s right, it owns property, such as NFA weapons.The trust can purchase NFA weapons in its name and all of those whom are on the trust can enjoy legally using these items.

By allowing your trust to purchase NFA items you personally do not have to go through the normal background process that comes with purchasing individual firearms or other regulated items. You and all of those who are on the trust have already been through the background process when these individuals were added to the trust.

A gun trust is not required to submit fingerprints or go through background checks when purchasing NFA items. A gun trust does not have to notify the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of its purchases. Visit our Florida NFA Trust Attorneys page or our DIY Trust In Florida page to learn more about how to set up a firearms trust. Get your suppressor tax stamp in the name of your trust and not your name. You may be surprised at the affordability of this legal instrument.

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