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How To Purchase A Suppressor In Utah – Silencers in UT

Are Suppressors Legal In Utah ?

Suppressors are legal in Utah. The State of Utah has made silencer ownership legal thereby protecting your hearing and the hearing of those around you.

What Are The Requirements For Purchasing A Suppressor In Utah ?

The requirements for legally purchasing a suppressor in Utah are as follows

  • You must be a resident of the State of Utah
  • You must be at the least 21 years of age
  • You must be a resident of the United States
  • You must be legally able to purchase a firearm
  • You must be able to pass a ATF background check
  • You must pay a fee of $200 to the ATF for each suppressor you purchase

Legal Use Of A Suppressor In Utah

A silencer or suppressor in Utah is any device that can be attached to a firearm be it a rifle or pistol that lowers or muffles the report of a firearm. Suppressor laws in Utah allow for use of suppressors in UT for multiple reasons.

  • Hunting
  • Home Defense
  • Hearing Protection
  • Business Defense
  • Target Shooting
  • Any Legal Use As Authorized By Utah Law

Types of Suppressors and Silencers In Utah

  • Rimfire: Rimfire silencers or suppressors in UT are designed for low pressure, low power cartridges such as the .22 or .17hmr. These types of suppressors are not designed to handle the higher pressures of rifle type ammunition. Having been designed to handle lower pressures and lower power it is highly advised not to use these types of silencers on a rifle. Because they are designed to handle lower pressures these types of silencers are normally the most affordable and make for a great entry level suppressor.
  • Rifle : Rifle silencers and suppressor are designed to handle the high pressures associated with center fire cartridges. These types of silencers are designed to handle cartridges up to .50 BMG. They can be pricey in cost however, what is your hearing worth ?
  • Pistol: Pistol silencers and suppressor are designed to handle the lower pressures of handgun rounds and may even be used with some of the sub-sonic ammunition’s that are on the market.

How Does A Suppressor Attach To My Handgun Or Rifle ?

Many suppressors attach to the firearm by use of threads which screw on to a threaded barrel, while others may be manufactured inside the barrel also known as a integral suppressor. A silencer can lower the sound of a gun shot by as much as 45 decibels and even more in custom builds.

If your current firearm does not have threads that will accept a suppressor you can have threads added by any qualified Utah gunsmith at a nominal fee.

Where Can I Buy A Suppressor In Utah ?

There are multiple manufactures of various types of suppressors in UT that are readily available, however it is not an item that one can just run out and purchase off the shelf.

Silencers or suppressors in UT are regulated items and as such fall under the authority of the National Firearms Act (NFA ) and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

Silencers Are Designated As A Class 3 Firearms In UT

Silencers and suppressors in UT are designated as Class 3 Firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. They are regulated items under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

These regulations were passed by the federal government on June 26, 1934 as a means to discourage unscrupulous persons from obtaining Class 3 weapons and lengthening prison sentences for those to be found in violation of the law. Although highly controlled silencers are perfectly legal to own in Utah .

Purchasing A Silencer Or Suppressor In Utah

Once you have found the authorized Utah NFA dealer you wish to do business with do not hesitate to ask for their recommendations as to the best suppressor to fit your needs.

Having found the suppressor you wish to purchase you will need to fill out a Form 4 which will be sent to the ATF for approval. Most suppressor dealers in Utah will help you with this paperwork.

You will not be able to take possession of the suppressor until this process has completed.

Can I Purchase A Suppressor or Silencer Online In Utah ?

There are many online retailers that would be glad to help you with your purchase. It is not a complicated procedure to purchase a suppressor online in Utah.

The vendor you have chosen can take you step by step through the process and will be glad to help you. Many will even fill out the ATF registration paperwork for you !

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For A Suppressor Or Silencer In Utah ?

It can take several months for this process to complete and for you to obtain your Utah suppressor tax stamp so be patient. The ATF works at their speed, and not ours. Note that you can purchase your suppressor from any authorized FFL dealer, even those whom are located out of your state.

What ATF Forms Do I Need To Purchase A Suppressor In Utah ?

Suppressor forms for purchase that must be sent to the ATF:

  • The Form 4 along with these additional documents must be sent to the ATF
  • The ATF Form 4 in duplicate
  • $200 Check to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives – ATF
  • FBI Form FD-258s which must be in black ink
  • Passport photos
  • If purchasing as a firearms trust ATF Form 5320.23

The last thing you need to do is send a copy of your Form 4 to the local Chief Law Enforcement Official. This is required by law unless your purchasing as a gun trust which affords you more privacy.

Gun Trust

What Is A Gun Trust And How Does It Afford You More Privacy ?

A gun trust is a revocable trust that owns property. That’s right, it owns property, such as NFA weapons.The trust can purchase NFA weapons in its name and all of those whom are on the trust can enjoy legally using these items. Learn more about the benefits of having a firearms trust.

By allowing your UT gun trust to purchase NFA items you personally do not have to go through the normal background process that comes with purchasing individual firearms or other regulated items.

A gun trust is not required to submit fingerprints or go through background checks when purchasing NFA items. A gun trust does not have to notify the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of its purchases. Visit our Utah Gun Trust page to learn more about how to set up a firearms trust. You may be surprised at the affordability of this legal instrument.