T-M Firearms Training

Tim Milligan, Owner/Lead Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor
Montrose, Iowa


Offering basic to advance firearms training. Defensive firearms training, tactics and skills development to meet the demands of the defensive firearm for CCW and home defense.
All of our courses will meet or exceed the requirements to obtain a Iowa Permit To Carry.

NRA Basic Pistol, 8hrs
Pistol Marksmanship Course, 4hrs
Introduction to Defensive Firearms/Home Invasion Course, 6-8 hrs
Advanced Handgun Skills level 1, 8+ hrs
Advanced Handgun Skills level 2, 8 hrs
Advanced Handgun Skills level 3, 8 hrs
Defensive Carbine, 8 hrs
Shotgun, 4-6hrs

It’s not all about the shooting…….