TATTS For Instructors

Teach A Teen To Shoot

America’s firearms instructors are cordially invited to participate in T.A.T.T.S which will take place in August of 2013. Professional firearms instructors across the country are donating their time for free or at reduced rates to teach teenagers the basics of firearms safety and the responsibilities that come with firearms ownership.

T.A.T.T.S. events are sponsored by the participating individual businesses.
The courses and curriculum offered are at the discretion of the participating
businesses. Courses offered may be as simple as the basics of firearms safety, or as involved as live fire exercises at participating ranges.

The nation wide T.A.T.T.S initiative is designed to educate the teens of America on the safe and legal use of firearms and the Constitution , and to instill within them a sense of accomplishment, self esteem, and confidence that can be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives.

T.A.T.T.S instructors are required to be certified by national sporting or youth development organizations, or state and local law enforcement organizations.

The freedom of tomorrow, hinges upon the youth of today.

Freedom Calls, Are You In ?