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NFA-Regulated Firearms Trust

We prepare specialized trusts for our clients, which can be used to purchase NFA-regulated firearms, in particular, and other weapons, in general. We recommend that the NFA-Regulated Firearms Trusts be used in conjunction with the traditional estate-planning trusts through which the management and disposition of other assets can be accomplished.

NFA-regulated firearms or “NFA Firearms” generally include short-barreled rifles (“SBRs”), short-barreled shotguns (“SBSs”), “any other weapons” (“AOWs”) such as pen guns and knife guns, machineguns, silencers/suppressors, and “destructive devices” such as explosive devices and large caliber weapons. NFA Firearms are often referred to as Class 3 or Title II firearms as well. “NFA” means the National Firearms Act, 26 U.S.C. Chapter 53.

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