Type 01 FFL


Type 01 FFL

The Type 01 FFL is one of the more popular types of FFLs that the BATFE issues.

What Is A Type 01 FFL ?

The BATFE describes it as a “Dealer in Firearms other than destructive devices.”

Who can use a Type 01 Federal Firearms License?

The Type 01 can be used by individuals and business entities.

What Will A Type 01 FFL Enable Me To Do ?

It is designed to be used by gunsmiths and firearms dealers and gives you the ability to take in and repair, buy and sell the majority of firearms on the market.

However with that having been stated it is rather limited in its scope because it does not give you the ability to deal in NFA items.

Can I Manufacture Firearms With A Type 01?

You will not have the ability to manufacture firearms with a Type 01 FFL.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Type 01 Federal Firearms License ?

Normal turn around time from submission of application to receiving your approved paperwork can be as little as 60 to 90 days. Having someone that has been through the process on multiple occasions can be a huge benefit when filling out the application. 

Do I Need An Attorney To File The Necessary Paperwork To Get My FFL ?

The short answer would be no. If you do not wish to use an attorney then we highly recommend utilizing the experience of Brandon Maddox. The course he has created is easy to follow and highly educational.

Brandon has opened several firearms stores. Over a period of time he has learned all the ins and outs of filing the necessary documents, in the correct order. His course can be found on his website and at this time the cost is $54.99

Type 01 FFL Cost

The Type 01 has an initial cost / fee of $200 for the first 3 years . Thereafter one must pay $90 to renew for each additional 3 years. When you break the cost down on a yearly basis the minimal cost of $30 a year is not a deal breaker. It is actually quite affordable.

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