Type 11 FFL cost


Type 11 FFL Cost

The cost of a Type 11 FFL is $3000. This type of FFL is designed and required for those whom wish to import firearms, destructive devices and ammunition.

It does not cover types of weapons, devices or ammunition that would otherwise be regulated by the National Firearms Act.

This type of FFL is normally put to use by those whom purchase crates of munitions or firearms from foreign entities. It should be noted that a import permit form F 5330.3A must first be obtained and approved by the ATF before these items may be imported.

On some websites, you will see unboxing of crates of Mosin Nagants or other types of collector firearms. These firearms have been imported into the US and made available for purchase to individuals by businesses that have the Type 11 FFL.

You may also run across various brands of ammunition such as the Wolf brand or Red Star brand. These brands of ammunition are made overseas and as such one must have a Type 11 FFL if one wishes to import them into the US.

In order for a Type 11 FFL to deal with NFA items, Title II weapons, then you would also need to have a SOT Type 1. This is an additional cost that one would incur.

Type 11 FFL Renewal Cost

The renewal cost is set at $3000 per 3 year period so you really need to be serious about obtaining a Type 11 FFL. Although it is one of the more expensive FFL’s to get it can open your business up to an entire world of new business ventures and opportunities.

To learn more about obtaining an FFL in your state please visit our Federal Firearms License page which list a state by state guide to obtaining your FFL.