Utah Civil Litigation Attorneys


Utah Civil Litigation Attorneys

In the practice of civil litigation different situations warrant different legal representation. Often times it is best to consult with a civil litigation attorney in Utah who has vast experience and expertise in different types of civil cases. Civil litigation attorneys handle matters not related to criminal defense. If you have been wronged or injured because of the negligence of others, a lawyer that specializes in civil law can help. Some of the more common types of civil suits are listed below.

Auto Accidents In Utah

If you been involved in an auto accident and have suffered injuries to yourself, a loved one, or your auto, you may be entitled to compensation. An auto accident attorney knows the quickest means by which to negotiate a settlement to your best benefit. Auto insurance company’s routinely deny claims, and in so doing, try to force the injured party to give up on their insurance claim.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are often caused by the negligence of others. Often times caused by wet or icy surfaces due to improper maintenance practices. Many property or business owners fail to take the necessary precautions when performing routine maintenance . Some of these practices may be as simple as placing a wet floor sign in the appropriate position as to alert you to danger. If left untreated slip and fall accidents can cause severe trauma and excruciating pain. Common injuries include lacerations, loss of pregnancy, spinal trauma, head injuries and broken bones. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in Utah then your going to want to find the best slip and fall lawyer that you possibly can.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

With more and more of society ensuring the care of their loved ones to nursing facilities the rise of abuse and neglect in nursing homes also increases. Nursing home abuse is an intentional act of a caregiver harming a loved one in a physical or mental nature. Nursing home neglect is often caused by improper training or supervision which often leads to sub-standard care. The difference being that one may be classified as a criminal offense and the other a breach of duty to provide proper healthcare.

Landlord Tenant Law

The rights and duties of tenants are often times spelled out in state and federal law along with the rights and duties of landlords. Many landlords violate tenant law by forcing evictions, not repairing the structure in a proper fashion, not returning security deposits, or, trying to modify a tenant lease without the tenants knowledge.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation lawyers may handle a variety of cases such as :

Motorcycle Accidents
Medical Mal-Practice
Boating Accidents
Class Action Suits
Property Disputes
Airline Accidents and more.

If you believe you have a civil case contact any of the civil litigation attorneys in Utah that we have listed on our site.