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Vermont Firearms Training

Carrying and owning a firearm in Vermont gives you the ability to not only protect yourself, but also others, however it comes with great responsibilities. Being competent and secure in your abilities to carry your firearm is required for success.

Owning a firearm in and of itself does not make you or your family safe. Having the proper firearms training and the ability to make the correct decisions is all part of your Vermont Concealed Carry Class experience.

Vermont Firearms Training Classes

Your Vermont Firearms Training Class will focus on safe handling and operation of your firearms and the rules and regulations of firearms ownership in Vermont, and may include a brief legal review of the use of your firearm in a personal defense situation. Courses are designed not only for the novice gun owner, but also those whom wish to expand their firearms skills.

Vermont Firearms Training Requirements

Be sure that any course you take meets or exceeds the requirements as required by the State of Vermont. Locating a course that has a curriculum that covers all areas and all types of firearms training can be an advantage to one that would primarily focus on just one specific type of training. Vermont gun laws may be strict so look for the best training you can afford.

For more information about a Vermont firearms training class in your area, contact any of the firearms instructors listed below.

VT Firearms Training

Raven Firearms Training

Vermont State Rifle & Pistol Association

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