What Is A Gun Lawyer


What Is A Gun Lawyer

A gun lawyer may be an attorney that practices in issues concerning firearms law or criminal law dealing in firearms issues. Commonly they represent clients that have been denied concealed carry permits or clients whose civil rights have been violated.


Often times they may be specialist that practice in law concerning the firearms industry. Representing a wide range of clients their services are useful for individuals and corporations and can help them in staying compliant with ATF rules and regulations and in matters pertaining to federal firearms laws and intrastate commerce.


In civil trials a gun lawyer may be called in as a professional witness to give expert testimony or to provide advanced knowledge of ballistics and how those ballistics affect the case.


Many of the more well known gun lawyers are active members in national organizations such as the NRA, SAF or state organizations such as Georgia Carry.


Firearms law in and of itself is a niche industry. It takes years of study and effort to properly master not only state gun laws, but also federal laws such as those imposed by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. Firearms law can be very complex in nature and that is why one day you may be in need of a professional gun lawyer.